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21 interviews from experts with exciting input, endless inspirations and practical tips, are available to you permanently and immediately.
You can view or download the interviews online.

Paul Fleiter, Jenny Solaria Postatny, Clemens Kuby, Berge, Oliver Horlacher, Luzia Iten, Andrea Hiltbrunner, Erika Witthuhn, Norbert Brakenwagen, Gabriele Freyhoff, Hanspeter Greb, Armin Risi, Helen Gerber Sirin, Standing Bear, Kathrin Stamm, Harald Kautz, Gudrun Schwarzer, Fred Donaldson, Katharina Nestelberger, Michèle Noreia Gerber, Irina Lang

you get…

  • 21 video-Interviews with experts from home and abroad all in english
  • permanent access to the exclusive members area
  • instant and permanent access to the entire package with download option
  • all videos also as audios (mp3)
  • the clear conference-manual with the highlights of the 21 TOP-interviews (pdf)
  • valuable, exklusive bonus-gifts & extras


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excerpts from thousands of enthusiastic participants

For me, It’ so clear to join this conference, because in short time I’ll be able to get to know a lot of topics and to learn from old knowledge in a concentrated way. I see the conference as a door opener for my spiritual path and the chance to free my potential.

It is also possible to hear the interesting speakers without teh need to travel, they „visit“ me comfortably at home.

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your liberation package

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feedback from the speakers

Clemens Kuby

“I enjoyed the conversation with you so much. We could go on like this. I think it’s great to go with you into this form e new form of communication to expand consciousness. That creates joy. I’m curious what it will cause“

Gabriele Freyhoff

I liked the interview with you very much, because I felt how sensitive you came along, how you have shown great interest and also emotional participation. I had enough time to answer all the questions and fill them with my ideas. On the other hand, you have also asked very interesting questions, and always had the overfew for the structure and the time. And, what is the most beautiful thing, it was in a great flow. ” Thank you for this opportunity!”

Hanspeter Greb

“I enjoyed dancing with you through the interview.
Yes, I know that I have plentifully reached out in my talk and hardly left space for you to ask any longer questions; The subject of GODO = forefoot-walk has become so great, reaches over so many fields of human existence, it explains the shadows that lie above the human past and opens the way for us to deal with ourselves and the world in the future.
My enthusiasm for this new yoga, the dynamic yoga, the GODO-YOGA, which allows you to step step by step instead of continuing to march on the heels, has also reached you. I’ve seen it flashing in your eyes.
Happy GODO could be the peace-greetings of the new millennium! “

hours of video material

3 good reasons to secure the package now

  • Use the insights, experiences and practical tips of the experts and create your free life
  • You get great inspirations and powerful impulses at a reasonable price of only EUR 2.37 per video
  • Support me and my team so we are able to organize a free conference soon.
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the 3 most common questions

  • Why is the package so cheap?
    This conference package collects unique experience from experts who have gone their own way. We have worked through many nights and spent a lot of time, energy and money to make this conference possible. The high-quality package is worth several hundred euros. Our heart, however, wants as many people as possible to get free access to this knowledge. To take their lives into their own hands. We want to keep the package price so unusually favorable, so that all people who want it are able to secure this package permanently.
  • Are there any video interviews as DVDs?
    No, unfortunately not. Also we find the idea great, to put a noble collection box from DVDs together. For example, as a gift option. However, this does not allow the high production costs. The price would be multiply.
  • How do I get access to the package after purchase?
    You will receive an e-mail with the access data for the online member area immediately after your payment with our payment provider Digistore24. There you can log in with your password and have access to all video interviews and other materials. From there you can also download everything to your hard drive.